Roland Story NBA Youth Boys Basketball Tournament (5th-8th Grade Saturday Only & 3rd-4th Grade Sunday Afternoon Only) January 13-14, 2024


Team Registration

Three-game guarantee.

Each division will only play on one day (Saturday or Sunday). (5th-8th Grade Saturday Only & 3rd-4th Grade Sunday Afternoon Only)

Teams must be made up of all players from the same school district. Iowa Boys and Girls High School Association rules will apply. No zone defense and no full-court press for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade divisions.

A player cannot compete on more than one team in his/her age group.

Paid, certified officials will be used.

Teams Players

•  Teams must be made up of all players from the same school district, “Select” club or AAU teams including a mix of players from multiple school districts are not


•  Players are classified based on their current year in school; players may play “up” in a division (a 5  grader on a 6  grade team but not vice versa).

•  A player cannot compete on more than one team in his/her age group.

•  All teams MUST provide a scorekeeper for each game.


•  Games will be played at Roland-Story High School in Story City (1009 Story St) and Roland-Story Middle School in Roland (206 S Main St).

•  Both schools have two gyms. Teams may play in one or both gyms but will not go back and forth between schools on the same day.


•  Tickets will be $6; children under the age of five (5) are free.

•  Coaches do not have to pay admission (two coach maximum).

Format Schedules

•  Three-game guarantee.

•  Registrations will be first come, first served on Bound.

•  Teams traveling shorter distances will be more likely to play early and late games.

• “Recovery” time will be scheduled for all teams as much as possible; but length of down time between games will also be managed to avoid prolonged breaks between games.

•  The Bound app will be used to post schedules, game scores, and brackets.


First place teams in all divisions will receive awards (up to a maximum of 12 players on a team).


Concession stands will be available at both schools throughout the tournament.

Gym and Conduct Rules

(1)    Iowa boys and girls high school association rules will apply unless otherwise noted below.

(2)Paid, certified officials will be used.

(3)Teams are expected to be ready to play 30 minutes ahead of time or an automatic forfeit will be in effect. Games are scheduled to begin at5o-minute intervals; start times and gym will be clearly labeled on schedules. If games run ahead of schedule we will stay ahead of schedule,

(4) 18-minute halves with a running clock will be used. Regulation clock rules in the final minute of each half and overtime. Otherwise, clock will stop for timeouts, injuries and at the officials’ discretion only.

(5)Each team will have three (60 second) timeouts to use throughout the game as desired.

(6) Overtime periods will be two minutes each. One timeout will be granted for each OT.

(7) Two technical fouls on a team (coaches or players) will be an automatic forfeit. Two technical fouls on a coach will be an automatic expulsion for that coach for the remainder of the tournament.

(8) Teams will shoot i-and-i after the 7  team foul of each half. Shooting fouls will be two shots throughout the game. The clock will not stop for free throws (except in the final minute of each half and overtime). A shorter free throw line will be available for 3  and 4 grade divisions.

(9) No full court press in the 3 , 4  and 5  grade divisions. Teams must drop back and pick up defensively at half court. Game officials will instruct defenders to drop back without stopping play if possible. If stoppage is required, the ball will be played in from the side in the frontcourt.

discretion of game officials only. First zone call is a warning. All subsequent zone calls are two free throws for the opposing team (not considered a technical foul).

(11)   Full court press and zone defenses are allowed in 6 , 7 , &. 8  grade divisions. Exception: no full court pressure if the score differential is 20 points or more. Enforcement

will be the same as outlined in rule #9 above.

(12)   Three-point field goals will be allowed in all grade divisions.

(13)   Numbers are required on all jerseys. No duplicate numbers are allowed on a team. Home team will wear light colored jerseys and the visiting team will wear dark. The first team

listed on the schedule will be the home team.

(14) Teams will be allowed warm up time before games and at halftime; please bring your own practice balls. Game balls will be provided. Players will not be on courts except during their scheduled games.

(15)   All schedules are final once distributed (target date is no later than one week before each tournament). No entry fees can be refunded after schedules are distributed.

(16) Fans will be held to a high standard of behavior and sportsmanship. Please make sure your fans are aware of this. Game officials and gym coordinators have full authority to eject spectators if necessary.

(17)   No more than 15 points will be awarded for point differential after each game. For example, Team A plays Team B; Team A wins by 33 points. Team A is awarded 15 points; Team B is deducted 15 points. The following order will be used for all tie breakers:

* Head-to-head; then

* Point differential; then * Total points scored.

Roland-Story High School
1009 Story St
Story City, IA 50248
Roland-Story Middle School
206 S Main St
Roland, IA 50236
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