South High Pride 39th Annual Basketball Tournament December 16, 2023


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The South High Pride Booster Club is sponsoring a basketball tournament to be held on December 16th, 2023. Teams will be accepted for 3rd – 7th grades, boys and girls. Each team is guaranteed at least two games. A player may participate on only ONE team. Games will be played in Jewell and Randall gyms.


Entry deadline will be December 6th or when the tournament is full.


General Rules:

1.     Entry fee is $115.00, payable to South High Pride, with entry registration.

2.     Free throws: will be shot only on a two shot foul (fouled in the act of shooting), common fouls will be taken out of bounds except the 2nd half when a team has 7 or more fouls.

3.     Three time outs per team per game.

4.     No 3 point shot for grades 3rd – 6th. Only 7th grade will have the 3 point shot allowed.

5.     If time allows there will be a 5 minute warm up prior to the game.

6.     Overtime: 1 minute break, 2 minute overtime period with an additional time out. Any game that goes more than double OT will become sudden death.

7.     Three technical fouls (coaches, players, fans) in any game will result in forfeit.

8.     Please have numbered jerseys.

9.     The top bracket will be the home team wearing light jerseys.

10. Medals will be given to 1st and 2nd place with a 12 player maximum.

11. Girls and Boys High School Athletic Assoc. rules will be used except for stated changes.

12. No refund due to weather cancellation. Check local radio and TV Stations and SH website

13. BRING YOUR OWN BASKETBALLS. Only the game ball will be provided.

14. No Co-Ed, All-Star or AAU teams.

15. NO changes will be made after the brackets are determined. Any special requests for scheduling needs should be sent with the registration.

16. The tournament committee reserves the right to make changes to rules should a problem occur.

17. All games will be 2 halves, 16 minutes each, continuous clock until the last minute of each half with 3 minute halftimes.

18. An intermediate size ball will be used in all games.

19. A zone defense and full court press may only be used at the 7th grade level.


Tournament sponsors, organizers and other persons assume no responsibility for injuries or damages due to any circumstances during the tournament.










DECEMBER 16th, 2023

Cost $115/team



DIVISION (please circle one)              Boys                Girls


GRADE (please circle one)     3rd       4th       5th       6th       7th       


NAME OF TEAM _________________________________________________________________


TOWN _________________________________________________________________________


COACH: NAME __________________________________________________________________

           ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________

           PHONE ___________________________________________________________________

           E-MAIL ___________________________________________________________________

TEAM ROSTER (Name and Number)

1.     _____________________________________________________________________

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12. _____________________________________________________________________

Please mail all entries to: Jackie Swanson, 223 Ridgeview Ct. Ellsworth, IA 50075

           Phone: 515-291-7789            Checks payable to South High Pride



South Hamilton High School
315 Division St
Jewell, IA 50130
South Hamilton Elementary School
Randall Gym
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