Basketball 2022-23
Event Time Location Result
away-team-logo Edgemont vs. away-team-logo Newell 1:00 PM MT Edgemont
away-team-logo Wakpala vs. TBD TBD Little Moreau Conference Tournament, Games will be played at the school with the higher ranking
away-team-logo Harding County vs. TBD 12:00 AM MT Harding County School Gymnasium LMC Semifinal Night (Opponent & Game Time TBA) All Games at Buffalo
away-team-logo Timber Lake vs. TBD 12:00 AM MT Harding County School Gymnasium LMC Tournament
TBD vs. away-team-logo McIntosh 12:00 AM MT Harding County School Gymnasium LMC
away-team-logo Oelrichs vs. away-team-logo Crazy Horse 12:00 PM MT Oelrichs Public School Girls & Boys Double Header
away-team-logo Lemmon vs. TBD 2:00 PM MT Harding County School Gymnasium LMC Tourney Second Round
away-team-logo Tiospaye Topa vs. TBD 2:00 PM MT Harding County School Gymnasium LMC 2nd round TBA
away-team-logo Faith vs. TBD 2:00 PM MT Harding County School Gymnasium LMC
away-team-logo North Central vs. away-team-logo Ipswich 4:00 PM CT Bowdle Public School GJV 4:00 PM; BJV 5:15 PM; GV 6:30 PM; BV 8:00 PM
away-team-logo Colome vs. away-team-logo Andes Central/Dakota Christian 4:00 PM CT Colome High School Gym Double Header 4:00 JV Girls Start
away-team-logo Hitchcock-Tulare vs. away-team-logo Sunshine Bible Academy 4:00 PM CT Hitchcock Double Header
away-team-logo Huron vs. away-team-logo Spearfish 4:00 PM CT Huron Arena JV/Soph Arena; 9th HMS
away-team-logo Kimball/White Lake vs. away-team-logo Ethan 4:00 PM CT Kimball High School Doubleheader
away-team-logo Tripp-Delmont/Armour vs. away-team-logo Marty 4:00 PM CT Tripp-Delmont School District 33-5 DH, GJV @ 4:00
away-team-logo Waubay/Summit vs. away-team-logo Northwestern 4:00 PM CT Waubay School Gym DOUBLEHEADER JV Girls @ 4:00, JV Boys @ 5:15, Varsity Girls @ 6:30, Varsity Boys @ 8:00
away-team-logo Menno vs. away-team-logo Irene-Wakonda 4:30 PM CT Menno Public School DH game night
away-team-logo Sisseton vs. away-team-logo Clark/Willow Lake 5:00 PM CT Clark High School
away-team-logo Arlington vs. away-team-logo Deubrook Area 6:00 PM CT Arlington High School
away-team-logo Webster Area vs. away-team-logo Redfield 6:00 PM CT Webster Armory
away-team-logo Bon Homme vs. away-team-logo Avon 6:15 PM CT Bon Homme High School
away-team-logo James Valley Christian vs. away-team-logo Faulkton Area 6:30 PM CT James Valley Christian School 4:00 JVG / 5:15 JVB / 6:30 Varsity Girls / 7:45 Varsity Boys
away-team-logo Kadoka Area vs. away-team-logo Wall 6:30 PM MT Kadoka Area High School GJV @ 2pm, followed by BJV, GV, BV
away-team-logo Chadron, NE vs. away-team-logo Rapid City Christian 7:00 PM CT Chadron High School JV - 4:00
away-team-logo Mitchell vs. away-team-logo Sturgis Brown 7:00 PM CT Corn Palace
away-team-logo Harrisburg vs. away-team-logo Aberdeen Central 7:00 PM CT Harrisburg High School
away-team-logo Watertown vs. away-team-logo Sioux Falls Washington 7:00 PM CT Watertown High School
away-team-logo McCook Central/Montrose vs. away-team-logo Garretson 7:15 PM CT Montrose School District
away-team-logo Baltic vs. away-team-logo Parker 7:30 PM CT Baltic High School Doubleheader
away-team-logo Brandon Valley vs. away-team-logo Rapid City Central 7:30 PM CT Brandon Valley High School
away-team-logo Centerville vs. away-team-logo Sioux Falls Lutheran 7:30 PM CT Centerville School JV Boys 6:15 pm, Varsity 7:30
away-team-logo Corsica-Stickney vs. away-team-logo Sanborn Central/Woonsocket 7:30 PM CT Corsica-Stickney High School
away-team-logo Gayville-Volin vs. away-team-logo Bridgewater-Emery 7:30 PM CT Gayville-Volin High School DH
away-team-logo Great Plains Lutheran vs. away-team-logo Wilmot 7:30 PM CT Great Plains Lutheran HS 6:15 JV
away-team-logo Milbank vs. away-team-logo Aberdeen Roncalli 7:30 PM CT Milbank Armory Gym 5:00 C, 6:00 JV
away-team-logo Sioux Falls Christian vs. away-team-logo Sioux Falls Jefferson 7:30 PM CT Sioux Falls Christian School Senior Night
away-team-logo Tiospa Zina vs. away-team-logo Flandreau Indian 7:30 PM CT Tiospa Zina Tribal School Double Header Girls J.V starting at 4:00 all other games to follow.
away-team-logo Viborg-Hurley vs. away-team-logo Freeman Academy/Marion 7:30 PM CT Viborg-Hurley Middle School
away-team-logo Red Cloud vs. away-team-logo Pine Ridge 7:30 PM MT Pine Ridge High School Gymnasium
away-team-logo Chamberlain vs. away-team-logo Mount Vernon/Plankinton 7:45 PM CT Chamberlain Armory Double Header Girls play first
away-team-logo Gregory vs. away-team-logo Parkston 7:45 PM CT Gregory Memorial Auditorium Double Header Boys JV-5pm
away-team-logo Hamlin vs. away-team-logo Florence/Henry 8:00 PM CT Hamlin School
away-team-logo Rapid City Stevens vs. away-team-logo O'Gorman 8:00 PM CT O'Gorman High School
away-team-logo Sully Buttes vs. away-team-logo Potter County 8:00 PM CT Sully Buttes High School DH-JVG@4:00; JVB@5:15; VG@6:30; VB@8:00
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