Gilbert Booster Club Tournament on Dec 16th (Girls 3rd-8th Grade) December 16, 2023


7th Grade Girls

Team Registration

The Gilbert Booster Club is hosting its annual basketball tournaments! 

We host events for both Boys and Girls in 3rd through 8th grade in our outstanding facilities in Gilbert. 

Gilberts has been running organized events that provide an outstanding experience for the athletes and spectators.

All Registrations will close the Monday prior to the tournament and schedules will be sent out the Wednesday before. Divisions will be created based on the number of teams entered. If possible, teams will be divided into pools based on their ability/skill level identified during the registration process.


Iowa Boys and girls basketball association rules will apply.

Clock Information:

All games will be played with a running clock.

The clock will stop for each dead ball situation only with 2 minutes left in the 2nd half unless a lead is greater than 15 points.

All games will be divided into two halves.

All grades will play two 16-minute halves with a 3-minute half time.

All games will start with a jump ball and alternate possession to follow.

Two (2) time-outs per half with no carryover.

One additional time-out will be granted for each two (2) minute overtime period.

After one overtime it will be sudden death.

Two (2) technical fouls (coaches and/or players) received will result in forfeit.

3 point shots are allowed at all age levels and will count as 3 points.

Full Court Pressing: Grades 6-8 Only: Once a team is up 15+ points, that team may no longer press unless their lead falls less than 10 points. We place a high value on sportsmanship and we ask that coaches monitor their games accordingly.

A 5-second closely guarded rule will apply (fairly lenient for lower levels).

5th Grade and Lower Only: Free throws may be shot from the 12 foot line.

3rd & 4th Grade Only: No double teaming allowed except in the lane.

3rd & 4th Grade Only: No stealing off the dribble outside the 3-point line. Any player that loses control of the dribble is not considered in possession of the ball and therefore the ball can be stolen (Referee’s judgment).


Players may only play on one team within their age group. Younger players can play up a division.

Numbers are required on all uniforms.

Warm-up time is available as schedule allows. Please bring your own basketballs to use during warm-ups..

Qualified volunteers and certified officials will be used.

In order to remain on schedule, if teams are not ready to play at their assigned times, it will be an automatic forfeit.

1st team on the schedule is the home team and should attempt to wear a lighter color. Please work together, though, to make it easiest for other coaches, refs, and volunteers.

Tiebreakers for pools will be determined in the following order: head-to-head, point differential (15 max per game), points scored, points allowed.

No refund of entry fee after the tournament begins.

Admission will be $5.00 for adults and $2.00 for students. All preschool children will be admitted free, along with all players and 2 coaches. Turn in coaches names with entry form.

No foul language allowed. Referees and tournament officials will have the authority to ask you to leave the gym.

The Tournament Committee reserves the right to make changes should a problem occur.

Gilbert High School
312 Gretten St
Gilbert, IA 50105
Gilbert Intermediate School
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