Urbandale 7th Grade Club Basketball Tournament December 2, 2023


Team Registration

Three game guarantee. School teams only. Certified Officials.

Tournament Rules:

1. This event is for the kids. The goal should be for them to compete in an effort

to improve their skills.

2. Good sportsmanship is required by all. There should be a lot of great games,

intense situations and possibly a bad call. Please use your best judgment

when handling these situations. The last thing we want to do is ask a parent,

coach or player to leave the facility and grounds.

3. If we keep item # 1 above in mind at all times good sportsmanship will follow.

4. Each team should be prepared to provide one score keeper; that individual

will either operate the clock or keep the scorebook.

5. IGHSAU (girls) / IHSAA (boys) rules will apply with the following adjustments:

- 20 minute halves with continuous clock except for the last two

minutes of the game - Three (one minute) time outs per game

a. Free throws will be '2 for 1' with a running clock

-Teams will be in Bonus after 7 fouls.

- No zone defense permitted

- No full court press until the last two minutes of the 2nd half; No full

court press if ahead by 15 or more points

- Three-minute half time and Five minutes between games (subject to

change based on time constraints).

- Overtime will be two minutes with one additional time out granted per

team, second overtime would be sudden death

- 3 point shots will be counted

6. A player may play for only one team.

7. Two coaches will be allowed per team. Free admission to all players and two


8. If pool play is used, ties will be broken as


- Head to Head

- Defensive Points Allowed

- Total Points Scored

- Coin Flip

Tournament Results: Results will be posted on Bound.

Urbandale High School
7111 NW Aurora Ave.
Urbandale, IA 50322
Urbandale Middle School
7701 NW Aurora Ave.
Urbandale, IA 50322
Urbandale High School
7111 NW Aurora Ave.
Urbandale, IA 50322
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